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I’m delighted to share this Blog with you because so many people have shared their experiences with me and provided the inspiration to create a better way of living. Our mission is to help you feel so much better than before, to touch the potential of feeling wonderful, to learn new ways to deal with stress and the challenges of daily life. Many have walked this pathway before us and it’s their shining examples that provide the motivation for much of this Blog’s content. If these timeless ideas, insights and suggestions can help you as much they’ve helped countless others, then the effort will have been worthwhile. Trusting you’ll enjoy sharing these Blogs and that they can make your pathway a little lighter, a little smoother and even a little easier! Thank you for joining me!

1022016514mMK3V4vL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

When was the last time you had a great night’s sleep? The fact is that very few people actually sleep well. Does that surprise you or did you think you were the only one who wakes up bleary-eyed and needing a few more hours in bed? We’re not talking about full-blown insomnia, where the sufferers usually need some form of medication to sedate them for the sake of their health and sanity. We’re referring to the more common varieties of disturbed or restless sleep that leave you feeling muzzy-headed and half-asleep in the mornings. And it’s more… Read more

image (16)Tame Your Stress Response

One of the questions that turns up in my E-Mail more often than others is the ever-popular topic of how to reduce the daily stress that characterises our modern, technoloigically-advanced lives. We just don’t seem to be able to handle our stress. Isn’t that strange? Just think about that for a moment. We’ve made extraordinary advances in our knowledge and understanding of so many fascinating areas of discovery. We have access to more knowledge than any other generation in the history of our species. We have virtually instantaneous communication with people all around the world. We’re linked by satellites, by fiber-optic cables, by microwave signals, all at the touch of a button on a handheld device. Yet, with all this extraordinary technological development, we’re still essentially the same creatures that were wandering around the plains of Africa for hundreds of thousands of years. The speed of our technological advances has not been matched by our capacity to adapt to the relentless pace of all these marvellous changes. And one of the consequences has been a disturbing rise in our stress levels… Read more

cover (5)Quantity or A Quality Sleep

Do you feel that you’re stresed? Let me give you a clue. One of the most revealing signs of stress is an inability to sleep well. Whilst there are many causes for poor sleep that range from trapped nerves to restricted breathing to painful joints and muscles, a surprising number of people simply don’t sleep well because they’re stressed. It may be a question of quantity – not having enough hours of sleep for your mind and body to fully recover. Or it may be a question of the quality of your sleep. And how can you tell whether you’re getting enough in terms of both quantity and quality? It shows up in the way you feel when you wake up… Read more

for gregs blogRetire With Health: Is Health the New Wealth?

Whenever somebody mentions the word ‘retirement’, most of us conjure up images of rocking chairs, comfortable slippers and a slow descent into physical and mental decline. It’s a common enough image but it hardly does justice to the real potential of setting yourself free from the labour treadmill. There are plenty of examples of well-prepared individuals who have freed themselves from the necessity of slaving away at the grindstone every day to show us that retirement does not have to wait until we are well into our sixties. Retirement can happen much sooner than that and provide us with fabulous opportunities to live life to the full. It’s an intriguing possibility and one that fully deserves our attention… Read more

New YearA New Beginning

I love the way we choose one day in the year to make our life-improving declarations – and then completely forget about our resolutions within a couple of weeks! We don’t seem to take these declarations very seriously. And then we slip back into the more familiar way of doing things, resume our old habits and nothing really improves. But you can learn to use the power of a declaration as a means of changing any aspect of your life that you feel isn’t working for you. The secret is to respect your word as if it were something sacred… Read more

coverTips for a Stress Free Holiday Celebration

The holiday season brings so many great opportunities to relax and celebrate but it can easily be a time of unnecessary strife and stress. So, here are twenty fabulous tips to help you survive the holidays with your happiness and your sanity intact!

1. Get organised – The sooner you begin to prere for the festivities, the easier everything will be
2. Drink less – That’s right. Less alcohol will put less strain on your body and keep you fresh
3. Eat healthily – Avoiding toxic, sugary food will boost your energy and enhance your mood
4. Slow down – Trying to do too much too quickly is a formula for serious stress… Read more

Trilogy 13th november from amazonWealth Bestows Blessings

Do you ever look at the news and wonder where all the money comes from? We read stories every day about mergers and acquisitions, company takeovers, government investment programmes and the sums are simply staggering. But there’s an important clue in the numbers because we easily forget that there really is no shortage of money in the world. That’s right. Money is absolutely everywhere on the planet and it exists in such vast quantities that we can’t begin to grasp the sheer scale and power of its influence. And this is a very helpful insight because, if we go through life believing that there’s never enough… Read more

image119 Worst habits that can hold you back from success

Is success important to you? It should be and we want to make absolutely sure that you enjoy all the success your life can hold. It really is way too important to let a few bad habits get in the way of your dreams. OK. So we all have bad habits but which ones are holding you back on your shimmering pathway to success? Perhaps a list of suggestions would be helpful… Read more

image15Choose The Right Habit and Achieve Success!

Would you be surprised to learn that around ninety percent of everything we do is a product of our habits? That`s right. Ninety percent. Humans might be pretty smart mammals but we naturally gravitate towards the easiest way of doing almost everything. That`s why habits are such an important part of our behaviours. If we can choose habits that support our goals and ambitions, we can almost automate the process of creating success for ourselves. It`s all about habits, my friend and, if you want to know if your habits are working for you, all you have to do is look at the results you`ve achieved so far in your life. This may seem like a harsh test but, if your goals have any meaning at all, they deserve the full and undiluted benefit of your daily actions. You just have to make sure that you`re using the right kind of actions and using them often enough to make a difference… Read more

IMG_4281Pleasures in Writing

Are you an aspiring author? Would you like to become a successful author? Writing can inspire passion, enthusiasm and an extraordinary range of emotions but making it work as a successful, royalty-paying, commercial enterprise needs far more than the basic ingredient of raw writing ability. Achieving your goals and ambitions in any environment depends on applying the principles that govern all aspects of success. After all – success is not an accident. It’s the result of a process and that process applies as much to writing as it does to any other endeavour… Read more

IMG_3580Is there a secret to Your Success? Is there a hidden formula that reveals the keys to real abundance? The answer might just surprise you.

I’ve met and worked with an an extraordinary range of highly successful individuals, some of whom were generous enough to mentor me and share the principles that made them successful. The key to their exceptional achievements lay in the development of truly effective habits and behaviours, the kinds of behaviour that favour sustained success.

None of these remarkable individuals was born with these attributes. They had to learn them. And that’s a very important insight because if the principles of success can learned and applied to create remarkable levels of wealth and abundance, then these principles can be learned by anyone who really wants to improve the quality of their life. It’s as simple as that… Read more

coverWealth Habits

Have you ever wondered how some people become really successful? Do you ever think to yourself that some people must be born lucky to achieve so much in their lives? It’s very tempting to explain other peoples’ achievements by imagining that they must somehow be different from the rest of us but the fact is that success is not an accident. Success is not some random event based on a fortunate alignment of the stars in an individual’s personal horoscope. If you examine the lives of successful people, if you study the actions that they take to achieve truly magnificent results, you’ll soon realize that success really is a science… Read more


Surely posture does matter!

We are a complete reflection of our posture and most of us have issues based around how we use and hold our bodies. The message couldn’t be simpler or more profound: change your posture and you will change your life. And the time to make those changes a reality is right now. Change your posture and change your life.

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